2014 CSA and Beef Update

April 9, 2014

Greetings from Oak Hill Farm!
Spring seeding and planting is underway but with a change in plans for 2014. This year we are not offering vegetables by subscription (CSA) but do plan to email customers when we have fresh vegetables for sale. We are growing less this year due to a labor shortage.
By next year we should be back in full force.

We do have a good inventory of our Oak Hill Angus frozen beef steaks, roasts and 90% lean ground beef. Pick up at at our farm.
To order, please contact us at:
724.345.3589 or ohangus@pulsenet.com

Thank you.
Beth and Oren Smith

Oak Hill Farm
37 Old Trails Rd.
Avella, PA 15312

CSA Sign-Ups and Angus Beef

February 4, 2013

Oak Hill Farm is currently accepting 2013 CSA memberships. Sign up Today!

Oak Hill Angus beef is now available: 90% lean ground beef, steaks and roasts by the cut or Beef Bundle. Order Some Today!

Learn more aboutAngus Beef Cuts with Recipes

2012 Fall Offerings from Oak Hill Farm

October 20, 2012

Oak Hill Farm is featuring a Winter squash bundle, just in time for baking up some delicious holiday and harvest season pies, and cookies or making that special roasted vegetable recipe.  To learn more about the 11 varieties of winter squash and how to use and store them, see Oak Hill Winter Squash Order Form

Oak Hill Garlic is available cloved and sorted for eating or planting. To view the list of varieties available, see Oak Hill Garlic Order Form

Welcome to Oak Hill Farm

March 25, 2012

Oak Hill Farm is a sustainable vegetable and Angus beef cattle operation in Hopewell Twp., Washington, PA. We specialize in hydroponic lettuce, and field raised garlic, onions and other seasonal produce as well as in pastured Angus beef.  We sell our products at our farm, at local farm markets and groceries and we offer them through our Oak Hill Harvest CSA program.

oakhillharvest.com  describes our vegetable and beef products and CSA program. To learn about Oak Hill registered and commercial Angus cattle for sale, see oakhill4angus.com 

View our 2012 CSA brochure

Email us to learn more.


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