Oak Hill Veggies and Angus Beef

March 30, 2021

This week of March 29, 2021 we have for sale:

Lettuce Mix–Hydroponically Grown. Fresh leaves of Butterhead, Summer Crisp, Oakleaf and other Lettuces.

$4 per 1/2 lb. bag

Head Lettuce. Hydroponically Grown. Young heads of Butterhead, Summer Crisp, Oakleaf and other Lettuces.

$4 per 1/2 lb. bag

Oak Hill Frozen Sweet Potato Cuts: French Fry Cut, Cubes or Slices. Grown on Oak Hill Farm. Prepared in a commercially licensed kitchen. Frozen cuts go directly into a hot oven. Ready in minutes. A real timer saver! Includes preparation suggestions. More recipes at oakhillharvest.com/sweet-potato-recipes Select from: French Fry Cut, Cubes or Slices.

$4.50 per 20 oz. bag

Oak Hill Angus Beef : Steaks, Roasts and Ground Beef

Our 2021 Angus beef cuts inventory has arrived. Outstanding cuts of beef from our own Angus herd. Cattle are born and raised on pasture and are selected for their beef tenderness and marbling traits. Our beef is processed at a local, U.S.D.A inspected facility and is sold by the cut and priced by the lb. For a list of beef cuts with prices, please see the link to our Oak Hill Angus Beef Order Form on our products page.

Oak Hill Fresh Harvest Veggies

December 7, 2020

This week we have for sale:

Lettuce mix (loose leaves of Butterhead, Summer crisp and others. Hydroponically grown)
$4/bag (about 1/2 lb.)

Brussels Sprouts

Butternut Squash
Oak Hill Frozen Butternut Cubes. Grown and packaged by Oak Hill Farm. Ideal for stir fry, roasting, soups, hash, casseroles and more.
$4.50 for 20 oz. bag

Sweet Potatoes

Oak Hill Frozen Sweet Potato Cuts Grown and packaged by Oak Hill Farm. 20 oz. bags. Select: French fry cut, Cubes or Slices.

Check out all of our Sweet potato recipe ideas.

To order, reply below by Wednesday noon. We will email you the amount due later on Wednesday once orders are filled. Pick up is at our Farm on Thursdays, 9 am to 6 pm. Payment is due at pick up as cash or check to Oak Hill Farm or use PayPal, Friends and Family to oakhillharvest. com
We look forward to hearing from you.
Beth Smith
Oak Hill Farm
37 Old Trails Road
Avella, PA 15312

Oak Hill Angus Beef Cuts 2021

December 7, 2020

We plan to have our next full inventory of Oak Hill Angus beef cuts: steaks, roasts and ground beef in late March 2021. We will email our customer list when they are ready to sell. If you are not on our list but would like to be notified, please reply below. Thank you.

March 2020 Update: Oak Hill’s New Angus Beef Inventory has Arrived

March 3, 2020

Oak Hill’s premium selection of its best Angus steaks, roasts and ground beef has arrived. To obtain an order form, contact ohangus@pulsenet.com or call 412.576.9218. Click the Download button below to view a description of each beef cut.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Oren and Beth Smith
Oak Hill Farm
Avella  PA

More Oak Hill Angus Beef

December 14, 2019

We will have a full inventory of Angus Beef cuts again in late February / early March 2020. If you are not already on our email list, and would like to receive notification when our new cuts are available, contact us.

Winter Market Event Feb. 23, 2019, Washington, PA

February 20, 2019

Mark Your Calendar!

Look for us at Emerald Valley’s Winter Market from 11 AM to 3 PM this Saturday, Feb. 23. The event takes place at the Emerald Valley store located next to the Community Pavilion in downtown Washington. Main Street Farmer’s Market vendors will be there to offer their winter products for sale.  Oak Hill Farm will be there with our premium, all natural Angus beef cuts and ground beef and to introduce you to a number of new ones like the Ranch roast, Flatiron steak and Denver cut.    See you on Saturday!

February 2019 Update

February 15, 2019

Oak Hill Angus Beef Cuts : Our new inventory of Angus beef cuts: steaks, roasts and ground beef, is available now. It includes some exciting new Oak Hill Beef Cuts  .  To order, please contact us.

Garden Transplants will not be available this spring. A Huge Thank You to our past customers. We hope to have some next spring.

Oak Hill Fresh Harvest Email : Our fresh vegetables via email list will start in May and run through October. How it works. To sign up, please contact us.

Welcome to Oak Hill Farm

March 25, 2012

Oak Hill Farm is a sustainable vegetable and Angus beef cattle operation in Hopewell Twp., Washington, PA. We specialize in seasonal vegetables and vegetable transplants, hydroponic lettuce, garlic, and onions and other fresh produce.  We raise our Angus beef on pasture and sell breeding stock as well as beef cuts.

oakhillharvest.com  describes our vegetable and beef products. To learn about Oak Hill registered and commercial Angus cattle for sale, see oakhill4angus.com 

To join our Fresh Harvest email,  please contact us using the Leave a Comment link below.