Vegetable Transplant Orders 2016

Are you planting a garden this year?  If so, you can give it a head start by ordering vegetable transplants from Oak Hill Farm. Transplants are young plants that are well rooted and ready to plant in your garden.  Using transplants can give you a 10-14 day faster harvest compared to direct seeding.

          Grown to Order

We grow transplants to your order and we can help you select the transplants that meet your growing schedule and budget.  We start your transplants from seed in our greenhouse, some as early as February. These plant babies thrive in our organic media and nutrients, sunlight and natural spring water for a period of 4-10 weeks (depending upon the vegetable type).

When your transplants are ready, we contact you with pickup timing and final cost. Payment is due at pickup. Pick up is at Oak Hill Farm.

          Transplants Available

We grow both cool and warm weather transplants.

Cool weather types, include beets, broccoli, bulb onions, cabbage, leeks, lettuce, kale, parsley, spinach, and Swiss chard.

Warm weather types, include basil, celery, corn, cucumber, eggplant, melons, peppers, summer and winter squash, and tomatoes.

          Quantity and Price

Transplants are offered in 9-cell packs, 4 inch pots, 72 cell and 128 cell plug trays. Onion slips are sold by the bunch. Prices depend upon vegetable type and container size.  Here are three examples from our Vegetable transplant Order Form 021616


_____ 9 cell pack: $6.50

_____ 4 inch pot: $3.25

_____ 72 cell tray: $43.00

 Bulb onions

_____ Bunches (50-70 slips/bunch)  $10/bunch

Tomatoes (slicing, cherry,  sauce, heirloom)

_____ 9 cell pack: $8.00

_____ 4 inch pot: $3.25

_____ 72 cell tray: $54.00 

          Ordering Transplants

Most seedlings take several months to grow to transplant size. Cool weather vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and onions, are started in the greenhouse in February-March and planted out in April. Get your garden off to an early start.  Order Today !     Vegetable transplant Order Form 021616Deadline for transplant orders is March 15, 2016.    

We are excited about the new growing season and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact Information

Oak Hill Farm, 37 Old Trails Rd., Avella, PA 15312. (724)345-3589

Send us an email using the Leave a Comment link below.



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