Oak Hill Farm Fresh Veggies and Beef

Available beginning December 2023:

Lettuce Mix–Hydroponically Grown. Fresh leaves of Butterhead, Summer Crisp, Oakleaf and other Lettuces.

$4 per 1/2 lb. bag

Sweet Potatoes


Oak Hill Angus Beef : Steaks, Roasts and Ground Beef

Our December 2023 Angus beef cuts inventory has arrived. Outstanding cuts of beef from our own Angus herd. Cattle are born and raised on pasture and are selected for their beef tenderness and marbling traits. Free of antibiotics and artificial hormones. Our beef is processed at a local, U.S.D.A inspected facility and is sold by the cut and priced by the lb. For a list of beef cuts with prices, please see the link to our Oak Hill Angus Beef Order Form on our products page.

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