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2017 Update

February 20, 2017
Dear Friends,
Vegetable Transplants
It is time to order your cool season garden transplants.  To order, just click the link for Transplants Order Form on the Products page. There you will also find a link to our Gallery of Transplant images.
Transplants are organically grown to your order. Due to the early seeding dates of some, we would appreciate receiving your order by March 20.
Oak Hill Angus Beef
We have a good supply of our Angus beef roasts as well as some ground beef and other cuts.  Oak Hill Farm – Angus Beef Cuts
Fresh Vegetables
Most of the vegetables we will grow as Transplants will also be available as fresh vegetables for sale via a weekly email to begin in May. To receive our weekly Oak Hill Fresh Harvest email, please send request to
Thank you for your continued interest in our products. We look forward to hearing from you.
Beth Smith
Oak Hill Farm
Avella, PA